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Happened at the airport in Cairo and not at Ben Gurion Airport

Happened at the airport in Cairo and not at Ben Gurion Airport

They said the past that the ports reveal people's lives, and it becomes the port to the land of standing by the traveler who does not care what the opinion of the other tags, it is in a hurry and will not register features in the memory of any man, on the other hand the people of the country and working in the ports do not remember the faces that come and go, so their behavior is often fraught with frosty mixed with personal interests and financial gain, not trying to carry the warmth of relations and nay faces a serious and intimate understanding in the case of a farewell reception, without considering the fact that well in the depths of humanity. Has been characterized by living and working in the ports as lack of seriousness in human relationships, even the title of the owners of transit behavior (behavior enamel).And airports in the world today is no longer - especially in recent years - an area of aviation and travel as far as what areas to find out the policies of States and the fear and suspicion, discrimination and racism. Airports in the reality show deception practiced by authoritarian bodies and lied slogans and speeches, and the extent of the false Ngfah human rights associations resonant terms.At airports know peoples to any category it belongs, the category of weakness or strength, as the passport to be respect and appreciation, or ignore and throw you away in the jungles of time until Iezbk responsible and recognizes the strength and control, all passengers carrying on his back history and politics and the power of leaders and Anfoanhm and dignity.Airports in there (people who click and people who under) and there are people who whines (underneath) the severity of their misery and contempt and punished.One Palestinian women screamed at the airport in Cairo: People died, people died .. When I sat down beside her I asked her why she shouted, and who died? She said the pain it's a week ago at the airport, dumped on the ground, do not know what prevented her, and like a lot there, and pointed to a corner of the airport, I saw dozens of sleeping on the airport, sleeping between the bags and bags, said the Palestinian people died, because it is silent daily persecution, detention and humiliation , as well as leaders died because they allow insulting their own people.As if this woman was screaming in the wilderness, no one paid attention, one of the officials did not try to explain this long wait harsh, marked by contempt humanitarian, more than to maintain security and safety.Artist Lahham in kasak Iaotun said (to beat you curious Shi and to beat you I'm your country something else) and the Palestinian Arab airports picture is not close to the image of the refugee who is deprived of their homeland and others sympathy with him, but the image pursuer should arrest him and put him in prison, or a leper who is afraid of him to others. That there is a rope wrapped by the Palestinian and Ijrunh to the edge of the indictment, after hardship and begged to prove that he is innocent and does not have intentions to do crime and terrorism.Friendly press Sabrin Diab from the city of Tamra in the Galilee, journalist active and her friendships with leading writers and journalists Almaddwin to Nasiriyah and nationalist thought, led by great journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, and whenever I traveled to Cairo searched at Ben Gurion Airport, normally under racism and the Arab accused of always being a ticking time bomb.But this week was the process of humiliating searches at the airport in Cairo. Incident normally in the skies raining day rain black, remarks and behaviors of Egypt, interpret the facts daily, closed the Rafah crossing and visits to the Egyptian officials to Tel Aviv and vice visits to ministers and leaders of the Israelis, followed by blame and bashing the Palestinian leadership and push to make the compromises and tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip, but throw the ball on the pitch Palestinian and are always accused of distasteful, even turned a picture of Egyptian politics to a surreal image is clear and needs to be an expert in political science, history and philosophy of the people to know how they think.But it is extraordinary that an inspection was by officers of the Israeli soldier, at Cairo airport before boarding an El Al plane was called Sabrin for inspection and discovered that the Egyptian security did not try to ask for such action and deliberately ignored the subject, I introduced the officer and soldier to a room at the Cairo airport was searched in a manner a source of oppression.Sadly, the eyes that saw the Egyptian, one of them did not try to intervene and object to the desecration of Almtaralambar, but the inspection was very calm and Israeli provocation, did not try one of the Egyptians know what's going on in a locked room to which the patient ones.We know that airports may vary in services and engineering, form and luxury, but in Israel the airport has several faces. If the glass doors roller express bewilderment rights and turn around itself in a way paid to the hopes naive, the doors in the Israel Airports do not know Is it a circular or square or triangular because it is possible to enter the triangle of the investigation and question and answer, or a box, waiting, provocation, and the looks and Grunts. But he got the violation to the airport an Arab country - Cairo - and there are also punishable by a Palestinian Israeli, this shameful and sad. Long ago expelled the words - and the injustice of kin but did not expect to be silent in the land of kin also are part of us and Basmaha Petrabha the opinion of Abdel Halim Hafez, a transit sing to the heroes of the war in October.My friend patiently amazed by this act, who arrived in the Egyptian point of assassinating the dignity and violated, and blaming everyone in the silence, silence, and believes that Egypt (Free), must be rejected misconduct which violated the sovereignty of the airport. Although the media dissemination of this incident, but there was no explanation from the Egyptian authorities on this subject.When Britain occupied India, the British women who live in India deliver their babies on one of the British ships, because they were considered to part of the British ship British mother, and even Britain, the child is one hundred percent.Is Room at the Cairo airport can the Israeli investigation and inspection is part of the idea of Greater Israel?

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