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Defining Terrorism Facts about Terror

Defining  Terrorism Facts about Terror

Defining  Terrorism Facts about Terror:-

I am not here to defense for Those who Killing Innocent people around world,But Here for Islam  this great Religion which Islam words mean actually Peace and how to peace will come with terror, there is war against Islam to make it looking as devil religion , this war charge the Islam is Terror, Because they try to stop the People to convert to Islam because this  religion is most fast religion Spread around world why ?????????????? If You want why, You must  Search about the true what is the Islam?

So, Let me to tell you how west media "USA,Europe" Dealing  With Definition With Terror?

  1. There is two accident occurs in fort hood base in USA .First one is some ill and psychotic solder kill 4 Soldiers in this Base ,they never mention his name and said this accident has not any connection with terror??? Why? ask yourself Why? because he is original USA Citizen ,he is Christian.
  2. Second one as they Declare USA Solder Doctor his originate From Palestine, He killed 12 Soldiers In fort base, He has Connection with Terrorism Called Anwar Al Awlaki . Why USA keep the first one is hidden and called him Psychotic and not mention just the second as terror but his originate look who your media is double Fase.

Definition of Terror Facts:-

  1. USA from 1980 to now killed 20 million Muslims who is terror?
  2. Muslim never start The first world war, 20 million People killed ?Who is the Terror?
  3. Muslim never start The Second World War 60 Million People Killed? who is the Terror?
  4. Massacres occurs and thousands of muslim killed by christian in Serbia? who is terror?
  5. 20 million from original citizen Killed in australia?who is the Terror?
  6. Who has killed more than 100 million Indians of the American Indians in North America? who is the Terror?
  7. Who has killed more than 50 million Indian of Indians in South America? 
  8. From which the enslavement of about 180 million African slaves had died and about 88% of them and been thrown in the Atlantic Ocean?
  9. Who is kill One Million Algerian During French occupation?

Double Face:

When Muslims Do these Crimes the media will call Islam Is Terror,But when it done by Christians Just war or Crimes,Many Crimes occurred in USA Schools 10ths are killed just Psychotic do this. not terror.
Israel use against us all Terrorism Tools West media called this self defense, when Palestinian try to fight for their stolen home, stolen land this is Terror , Stop  we are the only people in this century still under occupation , and when we ask UN to Protection US under chapter 7 from Israel Terror USA use Viteo.
How many Viteo USA use until now, when there's charge to Israel .

Terror Has no Religion, No Home, No Nationality,No Humanity 

Just Few Facts About Islam:-
Islam Mean Peace.
Allah " the greatest Name of our and yours God" Has also many Names One of his other name Is Peace.
Our Greeting  is Peace upon you?
Also Mohammed Prophet has many Names on of them is "Prophet of Mercy"

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