Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Best Free Downloader From Youtube free 100%

Best free Downloader From Youtube

أفضل برنامج مجاني للتحميل من الانترنت واليوتيوب 

Best Free Downloader From Youtube

this software not is the best only but also it,s free it will destroy other payment downloader managers like
IDM for example.
this software can max you threads to 32 rather than 16 in IDM.
this Software called eagleget to download 
here some steps to configuration it.
Best Downloader  that will destroy payment other downloader manger

1- press configuration as shown in previous image.
2- pop window will appear change max number of threads to 32.this will maximum yor download.
3- choose your browser agent to use it as intermediate for downloading.
you can change the number of retries if download broken or stop.

أفضل برنامج التحميل من اليوتيوب والانترنت على الاطلاق مجاني مائة بالمائة 100%

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