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SEO Put all Label in one page in blog

SEO Put all Label in one page in blog

How to Put all labels in one page.or show related pages in one page?

you make create in menu tab and want to put all related pages to link to this tab to make yours follower reach it direct, make easy for browsing ,here in this example in my blog i create button called it politics .
and want to show all related page in this link to make it reach fast for browser.
here the photo.
SEO Put all Label in one page in blog

 here as arrow refer to button politics when visitors press this button all related page will show in this link.
here the steps as shown in image.
SEO Put all Label in one page in blog
1- go to page .
2- create new page choose web address.
put in page this link
replace gazadreams with your blog name ,
replace label politics title with desired label .for example sport if you want create page for sport.
page you are  create will appear only with original template that came with blogger.
here you must put it in href link you must Edith template in html and search for example here  politics 
in politics will see link <a href='put link here'><a>

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