Saturday, March 15, 2014


You have just arrived on a new team, having transferred from elsewhere in the organisation last week.
When you arrive, you are shocked to find how inefficient some of the systems and processes in use are: many of the working practices were officially ruled obsolete within the organisation over 18 months ago.
Your manager is away for the next month on holiday and you are in charge of the team in his absence. You now need to decide what to do with this knowledge.

How do you proceed?

As the working practices are now officially classed as obsolete, put steps in place to improve them immediately.
As the team has been working in this way for a while now, await your manager’s return to feedback your concerns and come up with a plan.
Decide that you need more time to settle into your new role before actioning any changes: take some time to gather more information.
Action some small changes to correct the worst practices, but then wait until your manager returns before focusing on the major issues.

Most effective

Least effective

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