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Words from the owners حكم quotes

Words from the owners حكم   quotes

Words from the owners حكم   quotes

The day does not Seen any trouble, trust completely that you walk the path error.
Swami Veviknada

If anyone thought that he did not commit the folly or wrong in his life, means that Vmalk did not try to change his life again.
Albert Einstein

Never break one of these four in our lives: trust, relationship,
Promises and hearts, because if they broke the votes do not issue but lots and lots of pain.
Charles Dickens

If you win, no need to explain,
If defeated, do not remain there to explain.
Adolf Hitler

I would not say that I failed a thousand times, but I will tell
A. I have discovered a way lead to failure.
Thomas Alva Edison

Everyone dreams of changing the world,
But no one thinks to change themselves.
Leo Tolstoy
Words from the owners حكم   quotes

Ratification of each one, the risk
And not to believe any one, even more dangerous.
Abraham Lincoln

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