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SEO: Common Reasons why pages Not Reachable

SEO: Common Reasons why pages Not Reachable 

1- Form Submission .

Protected pages that need logon submission by users  and  contain  important information,will
not be able to crawl  by search engines ,because search engines can not create logon and crawl the
pages protected. so you have one good choice,describe what behind form submission in page logon.

2- Robots don't use search forms .
Although this relates directly to the above warning on forms, it's such a common problem that it bears mentioning. Some webmasters believe if they place a search box on their site, then engines will be able to find everything that visitors search for. Unfortunately, spiders don't perform searches to find content, and thus, its millions of pages are hidden behind inaccessible walls, doomed to anonymity until a spidered page links to it

3- Links in unparseable Javascript.
Some developers put Hyperlinks in javascript files or css files.Search engine did not crawl such as these files .it just crawl Html files.

4-Links in flash, java, or other plug-ins
The links embedded inside the flash sites is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon. Although dozens of links are listed and linked to on the flash page, no spider(Search Engine) can reach them through the site's link structure, rendering them invisible to the engines (and un-retrievable by searchers performing a query).

5-Links pointing to pages blocked by the meta robots tag or robots.txt
The Meta Robots tag and the Robots.txt file both allow a site owner to restrict spider access to a page. Just be warned that many a webmaster has unintentionally used these directives as an attempt to block access by rogue bots, only to discover that search engines cease their crawl.

6-Links on pages with many hundreds or thousands of links
Put so many links in one page will make your site in hazard,and become define as spam by spiders,because spider (search engine )they have define page must not have max 100 link per page,so do not put too much links.
Frames or I-frames

7-Technically, links in both frames and I-Frames are crawlable, but both present structural issues for the engines in terms of organization and following. Unless you're an advanced user with a good technical understanding of how search engines index and follow links in frames, it's best to stay away from them.

If you do this,you will guarantee that spiders will have full access to crawl your site pages

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