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things that hurt and help SEO

 things that hurt and help SEO

these things you should avoid to do to be in top rank.hurt you.

Meta Keywords (unused keywords in content)
Duplicate URLs (use the same name of others urls- not referral url)
Overly long URLs (no set number like facebook or plus url for users, but you’ve all seen these)
Cloaking (comes down to your intent, but risky business for sure)
Link buying (buy faked link not backlink)
Selling links Link and like farms .
Three way links
Content duplication
Content Auto following in social media.

for specific details Read Common  Mistakes When Build Title Tag and How To Avoid Them?

things prefer to do  in high rank,helped to optimize your site.

Title tags
Meta Descriptions 
Clean URLs (URL name must descrip page name spertated between  words by dash)
Images and Alt descriptions (also called alt tags)
H1 tags
Social sharing options
Unique content
Depth of content
Matching content type to visitor expectations (text, images, video, etc.)
Usability Page load times (to a certain point – faster is great, but not at the expense of usability and usefulness)
News – if you are actually a new site, submit for inclusion

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