Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Importance of social networking to seo

Importance of social networking to seo

Role of Social Media in SEO

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Now uses of social media not became use only for spending time or build social relation ship ,or friend relationship around world, now social media became vital marketing ,and very important for advertisement and sharing ideas, news,articles,images,videos,....

if you are blogger you can spread your blog very fast by using the benefits of social media ,suppose you have 2000 friends in facebook or +google and you are sharing with them page from your site,it's like make free ads in 2000 Page of your friends,so suppose your friends make reshare to his friends and he has about 1000 friends,so it's like make continuous free ads in other wall paper,page by re share your ideas, urls of your site.
so I recommended you if you have site. make official account in social media, name of your page and account in social media prefer to be the same of your site name. and put your site info and urls of your site.
this will help you in spread your site in social media,and make it's as referral to your site.what is that mean?
thats mean increase your Page Rank.

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