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Why Managers Can't Be An Employee's Friend?

Why Managers Can't Be An Employee's Friend?

This is wrong?

this article divide to 2 section?  
  1. first is Why Managers Can't Be An Employee's Friend?                                                             as most think. first section is taken from an other site references at the end.
  2. Second Why is it Wrong?

Why Managers Can't Be An Employee's Friend?    

Why Managers Can't Be An Employee's Friend wrong
It can be difficult to care for an employee, yet have to tell them when they're not meeting deadlines or goals.
This is one of the challenges Katia Beauchamp, co-founder of Birchbox, figured out very early on.
Her challenge was "trying to figure out the balance of caring about somebody and managing somebody. I guess it’s what being a parent feels like — you care about your child, but you still have to ask them to do things and set goals and milestones for them, and tell them when they are not meeting those objectives," Beauchamp tells Adam Bryant at The New York Times.
She says she was so empathetic that it didn't work out so well for her as a manager in the beginning.
Instead, Beauchamp had to learn how to redirect people's energy if it wasn't focused. She realized she wasn't doing herself — or her employees — any good by being their friend. She had to learn how to focus on the highest priorities and say "no" when needed.
"Because what I want is somebody to develop me," she said. "I want that from my board and my advisers. I want people to challenge me. I don’t want people to tell me everything I do is awesome."
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Why  Manger Can be friend to their employee's?

   Sometimes you join to new job as this commany your best friend is work as emplyee now under your mangament what are to do?left this job to make your relationship remain with your friend or take job and  i do not care  what happen to my can take this job,because to be success as manager  is the ability of manager to built relationship with their employees this equal how to make them motivat ?
also you must show them how to be are you strong by making them discipline?when your friend make mistake give him  warn  and let him sign in paper he received this sign this for you when you are covering your employees and your friend and let him to be understand you will not warn higher level of manger but this to protect you and me,and if he did not he duty again. use another strategy,ask friendly higher level to transfer your friend from your department and explain to them he is good but sometime relationship between manager with their employee can became less  effort in work. if you are care in your friends.

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