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SEO 100 tips and tricks part 1

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 1

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 1

      1. Write unique content (HIGH PRIORITY  ). 

 write high quality and unique content will attract more user to your site.thats mean write new and different information than other sites offers to there users.

    2.   Continuous Adding Content  (HIGH PRIORITY   ).     

Site adding newly and refresh contents are attract more users,and lets your users to bookmark your site in their browsers.

    3.   Create a great keyword phrase  (HIGH PRIORITY ).   

Keyword are very important,so do not constraint words in  your site in few keywords, so instead  focus on writing pages for specific keywords and phrases.

     4. Choose keywords (phrases) are popular but not too popular  (HIGH PRIORITY  ).  

When trying to decide on a keyword , you want to find one that is popular but not extremely popular. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the reality is that extremely popular keywords are very desirable and so very competitive. It's better to try to optimize for keywords that you can rank higher. You'll get more pageviews from a less popular keyword when you're on the first or second page of  the Spiders  than from a super popular keyword that you only make it to page 50 of search  engines (Spiders).


     5. Write Good Humanity site (accessibility site)  (HIGH PRIORITY  ).  

 write site that is good and understood for humanity and also for Search Engine.previous step is important for Search engine ,but also there is more steps for Search Engine optimization (SEO).good in design also necessary.

       6. Use the keyword phrase in your title tag  (HIGH PRIORITY  ).  

It,s important that use keyword in every title  and must related to what the page contain,for example you have page talking about marketing and you must put keyword are related to this page not put  keywords are related to other post or general that describe your site.And placing your keyword  phrase in  the title tag, preferably at the beginning, is very important to get that phrase into the search engines. Plus, that puts your keyword phrase as the link in the search engine index.

         7. Get a domain with your keyword phrase (HIGH PRIORITY  ).  

 If the domain name meet the keywords it,s great to help you to Search engine optimization (SEO).

         8. Use Name when you are name URL (Permalink)  (HIGH PRIORITY ). 

when you are name your link (page name).it,s prefer to describe the page title. not using numbers like  what facebook or +Plus when create new user is given them numbers Id,not by there name.

         9. Use your Keywords so many but not too much (HIGH PRIORITY  ). 

  it,s important that you are use your keywords a lot but not too much ,it's know as keyword density prefer about 3 to 4% of total words in page.

          10 Use your keyword phrase in headlines (HIGH PRIORITY ). 

 Headline tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are a great place to use your keyword phrase and secondary  keywords. Search engines recognize that headlines are more important than the surrounding text, and   so assign greater value to keywords found there..

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