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SEO 100 tips and tricks part 2

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 2

11. Use anchor text when referral to URL Link.(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

Do not put URL link when you are referral to other page like this (
you must put it in anchor text like this SEO.

12. Use Keywords in anchor Text.(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

A lot when referral to another page use words are not popular or can not be recognize by Search Engines ,like for further info click here. that wrong you must use alternative like this for further info about SEO Click Here.and it,s important use keywords in anchor to increase Page Rank.

13. Ask other people for link  for your site.(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

You can ask other people for link to your site.because backlink increase your page rank.this is best site can you put your links or drop your links without harm you by decrease your page rank. like what auto backlink  site do. so Register in letsforum and drop your links there do not forget instruction before drop your link.

14.Try to get your keyword phrase inside incoming links(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

Inbound links are a great way to improve your page rank. But you can't really control how people link to your pages. Chances are they won't use a phrase that has anything even remotely close to your keyword phrase. Remember that they are doing you a favor by linking to you. If it makes sense, you can ask them to change the text of the link, but be careful, as people can be very touchy, and you might just get your link removed.
Another way to get your keyword phrase in inbound links is to provide your customers with the link text ready-made. For example:
Please link to this page: <a href="">SEO </a>
the blue previous text it,s make easy for your visitors to copy and past your link.

15. Adding links from reputable sites.(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

what the useful of adding other site URL as Referral in my page? 
Reputable sites that link to you will increase your reputation. After all, if a reputable site feels that your site is valuable enough to link to, that means that your page has more value. You can tell if a site is considered reputable both by how high it appears in search engines and it's Google PageRank. Also, .edu sites have a higher reputation because they represent schools and universities.

16. Get links from related site -Referral info.(HIGH PRIORITY  )

Inbound links from sites similar to your own are important as well. This indicates that your site does have content related to that topic. Plus, it indicates that your competition finds your site valuable, and that gives your site more credibility.

17. Get Links from Top level domain.(HIGH PRIORITY  ).

Site end  with .edu and .gov they have a large amount of credibility because they are very difficult to get. So if you can get the designers of those sites to link to you, that gives your site more credibility as well.

18.Create as much content as you can heavy site.(MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

More contents (pages or articles) thats means more users and this lead more indexed by search Engines.

19.Keep your site content inside one theme(MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

The theme or topic of your entire site is important as well. If you have a lot of pages all around one basic theme, that will lend more credibility to each page that follows that same theme.

20. Keep Your site live for long time.(MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

do not try to change the name of your domain,because if change it you will loss the old page rank even if you are move old page to new site name.always old page has high page rank than new page.

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