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SEO 100 tips and tricks part 5

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 5

41.Put your Pages close to root directory  (Low  PRIORITY ).

because this make your url is short, and this good for pagerank,because search engine love little subdirectory.

42.Use the meta keywords tag and include your keyword  (Low PRIORITY  ).

meta tag are not use by google as i said previously,but it,s use by  others search engine like yahoo,bing ,....It won't hurt to include your keyword phrase and any secondary keywords in the meta keywords tag, but don't expect it to work wonders.

43.Keep your keywords together (Low PRIORITY  ).

Search engines rank keywords in pages regardless of where they are found. But if you're trying to rank well for a specific keyword phrase, keeping the keywords together will insure that the search engines recognize that they are related.

44.Use your keyword phrase in your meta description (Low PRIORITY  ).

 Most search engines use the meta description field as the description in their search results. So it's important to have a good description. Including your keyword phrase in the meta description tag is one more place that the search engines can see your keywords. This isn't a magic bullet, but it is a good idea.

45.Set your language meta keyword (Low PRIORITY  ).

 If your page is in a language other than English, you should set the language meta tag so that search engines (and other user agents) know what language it's in. Most search engines have other ways of telling what language the page is written in, but they do use that tag, and it could help you rank higher in searches in that language.

46.Optimize for a few secondary keywords (Low PRIORITY  ).

 Once you have a keyword phrase, you can choose one or two other keywords to optimize for as well. But be careful with these - make sure that the density of your secondary keywords is no more than 1-2%. Any higher and you risk confusing the search engine and diluting the power of your primary keyword phrase.

47.Use your keyword phrase in named anchors (Low PRIORITY  ).

 A named anchor (also called a bookmark) is a useful tool for creating navigation within a Web page. But for search engines, it also indicates that the text defined by and following the anchor has more significance. If you use your keyword phrase in some of your named anchors, that will give that text more prominence.

48.Use different Forms of Keywords (Low PRIORITY  ).

You must think like user how he write words in search engine for example keyword has different way  to write like Key word ,so this the  alternative way also like pagerank wrote like PR or page rank.

49.Use synonyms for your keywords (Low PRIORITY  ).

 Synonyms, like keyword stemming is another way to mix up your text for your readers while still optimizing for search.for example backlink has synonyms inbound or inlink.

50.Don't link a lot to external sites  (Low PRIORITY  ).

 Linking to sites not on your site is a good idea, but don't fill up your pages with them.
for more info about external link.

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