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SEO 100 tips and tricks part 3

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 3

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 3

21. Create a sitemap (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Search engine prefer you have site map ,not for page rank but for easy link,i recommend you to alway update site map,cause spiders not alway index your site.or delay in index.
for more info about sitemap.

22. Use Redirect Page for moved page (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Use Redirect 301 Code for moved link to new page,this will help your visitors to found previous page in new link.and make them comfortable.a slo use for error page.

23. Use 302 redirects only for long or ugly URLs  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

HTTP 302 are for temporary redirects. The only time you should use them is for redirecting ugly URLs to more user-friendly ones. This tells the search engine that the ugly URL should not be removed from the index, because the user-friendly URL is just to make the URL palatable. Keep in mind that many spammers use 302 redirects to fool search engines. So be judicious in your use of them.

24. Get as many inbound links as you can(MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Links are important, especially from sites other than your own. These are called inbound links. And if you get a lot of inbound links, that will help your page ranking. Remember that 1-2 links from high-reputation sites are better than 10 links from link farms.I recommend you drop link in this site backlink, also you can drop comment in social site or in blogs site with dropping links or here in this blog.

25. Use keyword at the first paragraph (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

It,s important to use repetition  keyword in first or two paragraph, because repeat it once in the first paragraph that will help up it's priority.

26. Use  keyword phrase at the top of the HTML (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

You should try to move your content towards at the top of the HTML document. And that includes your keyword .

27.  Use   keyword phrase in alternative text (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

You should  use alt text in image,because image are not recognize by spiders so you must description what image contain in alt text.

28. Increase the font size of your keyword (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

You should  increase the Font size  of important words special Keyword search engine recognize the big size of words.

29. Format your keyword phrases to stand out (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Use <Strong> bold and <emp> where appropriate to make your keyword phrases stand out. Search engines can read those tags, and will recognize that text that is emphasized is often more important than the surrounding text.

30.Write a descriptive meta description  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Search engines use the description meta tag as the description in their index. So it's important to describe your pages accurately. This helps customers find your pages, and search engines to index them.for more about meta and title tag.

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