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SEO 100 tips and tricks part 4

SEO 100 tips and tricks part 4

31. Links to your site from your Site  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

If you wrote article and you are use keyword,and this  keyword has page in your site and explain and give info about this keyword,you should link this word to your page as example here i have article What is Keyword so i link page to these words.

32.Put up links that flow within the text  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Links that make sense within the context of the document (whether from external or your own site) will rank higher than lists of links or other forms of artificial links. This is because search engines value content and links that make sense within the context of the content are more definitely related to that content than links that are inside lists.

33.Keep asking for inbound links  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

The older the links are the better. If you get 100 links added all at once, it appears to the search engines that you are buying link placement, and that can be construed as spamming like free backlinks.
For Info about inbound and outbound.

34.Subscribe your site in Sites Directories (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

DMOZ and Yahoo! and other directories show that your page is related to the content that section of the directory.

35. Check the outbound PageRank (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

if put links of  others in your site you must check the pagerank and the type of page check if the site it,s considered as thread i  mean  spam site  if it remove the links because it,s will decrease the rank of your site.

36.Link all major images  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

It's important to always link images because people click on images. And search engines value content that has been linked. The key is to always include alternative text, so that the search engine has text to rank. Any image that your customer can see on the page should be linked.

37. Continuous  Update your site  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

You can use rich snippet with Update field to let Spiders that page are  updated.

38.If you used frames tag  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

Frames and search engines don't mix well. But if you must use frames, then you should always include an extensive noframes version of your site. And by extensive, the best way to get your site indexed in search engines is to completely rewrite it in your noframes version.or  describe the content of frame with strong font.

39.If you used Flash, always include alternative text  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

 Flash and search engines don't mix well, but if you must use flash you should include alternate text that describes exactly what the Flash element includes. And if you use Flash for your entire site, you should always do an alternate version of the complete site in HTML so that search engines and non-Flash browsers can view it as well.

40.Use Flash for non-critical pieces of a page  (MEDIUM PRIORITY  ).

 The best use of Flash on websites is as small portions of the site, preferably non-critical portions. Search engines can't view Flash, they see them as images. According to Google Webmaster Central, sites that effectively use Flash "use Flash for rich media but rely on HTML for content and navigation."

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