Friday, January 17, 2014

Palestinians Die from starvation in syria

Palestinians Die from starvation in syria

IF you Have a Little  humanity in your heart, wait watch the true , you can make a little change,is not enough for Israel fired us from our land since 1948,no Palestinians live around world in Arab countries deal with us less than animal as same as Israel do for us, one of Palestinians groups live in Syria about 1,5 million Palestinians in Syria they can not return to their land Palestine due to still occupied by Israel or even near countries like Jordan, Lebanon,or Iraq closed their border in Palestinians faces so they can  not run from war in Syria which is not mean to us any thing,we are suffered from running from death to another death,
Palestinian in Yarmouk camp are under siege by Syrian regime and Syrian ripples,so they are starvation no food or any assistance entry for them ,and west media keep silent because will blame Israel for what happen to them Please watch these video for persons exit from camp.please share this with your friend if you can do more do it.thanks very much.

The Series of killing Palestinians still continue 

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