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SEO Disavow links google webmaster

Disavow links

what is Disavow links ?

Before talking about Disavow,You must know the disavow has relation with page rank,so pagerank is opinion that determine how your page is public,it,s connected to how many incoming link to your page is linked,and has many factors,like which site contain your page link,is view by humans or bots,so sometimes 
bad site can decrease your page rank,special spammy sites,or paid backlink,so what to do with these sites.
like spammy sites,which you have not any control to prevent them to visit your site,or comments in your site.
here is the magic solution from google is using disavow tool.
disavow is method to tell google analytic and google Search engine to ignore any visiting or backlinks from specific domain,which mean disavow.

as you see in  the next image i have suddenly high visits from specific sites, as see in red in one day visiting to my site increase to highest level and all visiting from 3 sites,these site cause for some blogger problem with there adsense account is suspended because are unusual traffic and consider from google as spam and should move fast as possible to disavow these domain.

SEO Disavow links google webmaster

in red is abnormal traffic ,in blue is sites that cause the abnormal traffic so i made for it disavow.

how to use disavow.

you must have account with google webmaster tool to use disavow.

this url is google disavow tool,before use this disavow tool,you should add your site or sites to google analytic tool,then when open disavow tool you will choose from drop list which site you want to apply disavow. as next image show.
SEO Disavow links google webmaster

after choose your site you want to apply disavow ,it will appear new page warning from disavow,
and you should be understand what you do. first you should know that sites you want to apply disavow for them 100% they are spammy sites and affect your rank. else will harm  you rank.
now create new text file named disavow.txt,open it by notepad and write these instruction.
these site i want to apply disavow.
as image show disavow.txt.

SEO Disavow links google webmaster
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after see the warning from disavow tool press ok, you will see page look like the next image.
tell you which text file you want to upload,choose the disavow.txt file,then submit to upload our disavow apply disavow for domain named in disavow file.after uploaded the disavow file you are realy applied disavow.if you want to delete disavow file,just in this page you will see delete button beside the disavow file just delete.
SEO Disavow links google webmaster

this is all about disavow domains.

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